Clay Collection

Our Clay Collection is a throwback to the aesthetics of traditional baked clay products used for paving. The negligible water absorption of high strength concrete, coupled with the smooth finishes make the Clay Collection a compelling choice for paving internal/semi internal spaces. We offer 12" X 12", 6" X 6" and 4" X 4" 

Our 12”X12” smooth-matt finish clay tile, ideal for larger areas, to be laid with a 6-8 mm groove and with offset-joints for the best aesthetic effect.

Product Code: CC 1212

Our 6”X6” smooth floor tile in various shades of baked clay, ideal for internal application. We would recommend laying this product with a groove, filled with grey cement/black grout to enhance aesthetic appeal.

Product Code: CC 66

The Clay collection in a smooth 4”X4” size, ideal for internal & semi internal spaces. They could be either butted together or laid with spacers, depending on the aesthetic desired.

Product Code: CC 44
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