The Brick Collection

Rustiques is proud to present the Brick Collection, a collection of products designed to deliver the aesthetics of a brick wall to your facade

Our Brick Collection, supplied in 9 different subtle shades of baked clay, designed to reproduce the natural variations of colours and texture seen in a brick wall. A durable and longlasting product of high density polymerized concrete that has negligible water absorption compared to clay, the Brick Collection allows no fungus or moss formation, and consequently, delivers a maintenance-free facade.

In addition to the structural benefits, you can also choose your palette for your wall and the mix of 9 shades can be customized to suit your taste. Thus, the same wall can have more smoky black streaks or higher percentage of brighter (or duller) shades of baked clay depending on the designer’s choice of overall hue.

In addition to the traditional Baked Clay bricks, we also offer the Refractory Biscuit series, the Grey Series and the Fortstone Series, each presenting a unique palette of colours in the standard 9"X3" brick size

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